Cerakote Wraptor


Military and First Responder Discount Available in Cart

Color: OD Green Cerakote / Blackout Smoke/ Polar

The Wraptor features a medium size, wrap style fit. With a tighter wrap than the Magnum, this style is popular with skydivers, bikers, runners, and anyone looking for a close fitting, comfortable frame. A Gatorz original, the Wraptor looks great on any face shape, especially those looking for a smaller fit.

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Replacement Nosepiece

Gatorz Features
Frame Specifications
Lens Color Guide
  • Lightweight, Durable Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Fully Adjustable Frame and Nosepiece
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Thin Temples; Comfortable Fit Under Helmets and Ear Protection
  • Hassle Free Returns
  • Free Shipping in the US
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Military, Veteran, and First Responder Discount
  • American Made

Wraptor Frame Measurements

A. Hinge to hinge [Frame Width]


B. Frame Height


C. Nosepiece Height


D. Nosepiece width (adjustable)


E. Temple tip to tip (adjustable)


 Gatorz frames are built from lightweight, durable, aerospace grade aluminum.  The frame and nosepiece are fully adjustable, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.  Watch the video above for instructions on how to adjust your Gatorz. 

Please note, adjustments to the frame may cause temple tips to contact the lens.  Be sure to store your eyewear in a protective, microfiber pouch in a way that eliminates temple to lens contact to avoid scratches.



VLT: 12%

Heightens true color perception, minimizes glare (especially on the water), reduces eye fatigue;
Uses: Hiking, jogging, driving, outdoor sports, everyday use


VLT: 92%

Heightens contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions.
Uses: Cycling, fishing, hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, water sports.


VLT: 16%

Heightens contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions.
Uses: Cycling, fishing, hunting, shooting, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, water sports.


VLT: 14%

Blocks high amounts of blue light to heighten contrast and visual acuity. Particularly useful to improve contrast on grass and against blue skies.
Uses: Winter sports, mountain environments, outdoor activities, on the water.

OPz Optomized Polarized

VLT: 16%

This versatile lens provides the glare reduction of polarized lenses without restricted view of digital screens. See clearly when looking at: digital altimeters, computer screens, police mobile computers, motorcycle windshields, and older phones and smart watches.

Inferno Photochromic

VLT: 85% (Clear) to 15% (Dark)

When used indoors, the inferno lens provides clear eye protection. When exposed to UV light, the tint of the lens automatically darkens. This popular lens keeps your eyes protected in changing environments or weather. This functional offering is a favorite for its versatility both on the job and for personal use. VLT ranges from 85% (Clear) to 15% (Dark) across an approximate 60 second transition time.



Frame Adjustment

Temple Adjustment


Frame Adjustment

Tighten the Fit
If your frame feels too wide, begin to bend the frame in small increments. Face the lens towards your chest, and place your thumbs on the edge of where the lens meets the bend in the frame. Firmly but gently, make small pulses to adjust the frame inward. Try them on, and continue to adjust as needed.

Loosen the Fit
If the frame feels too tight, again face the lens towards your chest, with your thumbs at the edge of the lens, and pull gently outward in small movements.

Temple Adjustment

Loosen the Fit
After wearing your Gatorz for a few hours, you will notice if the temples are providing a comfortable fit. If they are placing pressure on your head, hold firmly at the base of the temple and pull the end outwards with repetitive pulses. After adjusting both sides, try them on and determine if you need to make any more adjustments. You may need to wear them for several hours to determine if you’ve found the right fit.

Tighten the Fit
If the template feel too loose, place your hands as you would for a temple adjustment and pulse the end inwards until you feel you’ve reached the right placement. Try them on and wear them to determine if any further adjustments are needed.


Raise Glasses Closer to your Face
If you feel like they’re sliding down too easily, pinch the nosepiece closer together. When making any adjustments to the glasses, we recommend making small changes, rather than big adjustments. This will help you move easily into the right fit without overdoing it.

Separate Glasses from your Face
Start by placing the glasses on your face. If they’re sitting too close to your eyes, pull the nosepiece away from the frame. Keep in mind, most Gatorz offer a wrap style fit, so they may take a little getting used to.

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Joaquin M.
United States United States

Customer service

I had an absolutely positive experience with the customer service folks. Exchanging my Wraptors was easy and free of cumbersome processes. Very user friendly and accommodating. I recommend this company to anyone who appreciates quality supplies and excellent customer service.

Eric A.
United States United States

Another hit!

Love the Magnum but I also had an eye on the Wraptor so I figured why not take a chance, so I did ... I love these Wraptor just as much!

Steven D.
United States United States

Repeat customer!

This is my second pair of Wraptors. Purchased first pair in 2015 and love them. Have wanted the Green Cerakote for a while now, and I'm very pleased! These Frames are great because they are easily shaped to one's face and head. Keep up the great work, Gatorz!

Brian C.
United States United States

Wraptor Cerakote

I think the item is the best built pair of glasses I have bought. I wasn’t happy with the fit. They are smaller framed than what I expected. I have a narrow face and always have to buy the smaller frame versions. Not the case with these. It’s no ones fault by mine. The product is top notch!

United States United States

Everyday wear

I wear them on the farm every day, like the ability to bend them to shape. I wore Oakley half jackets before these. Finally found a full frame that doesn’t block peripheral view.

Richard S.
Canada Canada

Good to have them back

Had my previous wraptors stolen. Went without. Not good. Ordered new set. Good.

Chris B.
United States United States

Wraptor Win

Easy, seamless transaction with a website that is intuitive to navigate. Color and lens selector make it easy to choose the style and colour. The military discount rounds the whole experience off nicely.

Eric S.
United States United States

Just keep getting better

Awesome experience using my Gatorz. This one makes my sixth pair. Ok so I've become a Gatorz hog. But I love these so much couldn't settle for just one pair. Ended up getting the Wraptor, Magnum and Boxter in regular and polarized. Even got the ANSI model for the gun range. Can't promise I won't buy another pair at some point...out of all the various "tacticool" sunglasses I've tried, Gatorz is the best I've found. Wish I would have had some in Desert Storm and OIF. Now that I'm retired I can just enjoy the view, look cool, and know that my eyes are being protected from all those nasty "rays" from the sun. Love the way you can "mold" them to your face for a truly custom fit. Wouldn't trade 'em for any other brand. But have enough pairs to last me through the twilight of my life. Thanks for a great product!

Brad T.
United States United States

Cerakote wraptor

I'm really enjoying these glasses! Solid construction, great lenses and very comfortable once adjusted, plus they stay put! Many thanks Gatorz!

Alex G.
United States United States


Super lenses - clear and vivid. The frames are tight but not too tight. These stay in place in big winds and provide great protection from wind and debris. Water beads off easily. Hands down, best sunglasses I’ve owned.

Petra F.
United States


The best fitting glasses

Michael H.
United States

Can’t ask for better

These are great glasses I use almost every single day. Very comfortable and highly effective.

David P.

Fantastic Sunglasses

These metal framed sunglasses are indestructible. My only regret is in buying the polarized version. If I had known that it is difficult or impossible to see LCD screens with polarized lenses, I would have opted for regular lenses.

Jack C.
United States

Awesome product

I love these glasses. I am to say the least, rough on sunglasses.. These are great, I have dropped them, had them knocked off and flew several feet and landed on the lens on rough cement.. No scratches.. They fit snug around my eyes and that is great as my eyes are very sensitive to sunlight..

Petra F.
United States

Raptor eyeglasses

The best fit of all the eyeglasses ever owned

Tanner H.
United States

Wraptor Review

Great glasses fit comfortable and are definitely not meant for people with big heads