Ambassador - Dr Duck

Dennis Loosier - Dr. Duck

Where do you live?

Tyler, TX

How did you get started in duck hunting?

I was in my late twenties when I started to duck hunt and no one in my family was an experienced duck hunter. I had the opportunity to meet Billy Campbell @thefowlhunter in the duck slough and we both figured out we had the same passion for the sport. We both learned through trial and error to become the best hunters we can be. Continue to do that today.                                                         

Tell us a little about your hunting history:

I have been blessed and had a family that hunted. Like most families, my father worked all the over time he could to provide for his family. I spent my childhood hunting with my grandfather and brothers. I hunted as soon as I could walk chasing behind my grandfather and earning the trust of my father to hunt on my own at a very young age of ten. Living on a farm and hunting with dogs my entire life has help me to understand how to be a better hunter and at the same time respect all animals. My entire life has been a part of the outdoors.           

Favorite sport (besides hunting):

Football and Baseball


Timber my hunting and family dog.

Favorite health food:

Tossed Greek salad from Zoe’s

Favorite cheat meal:

Mexican food

Favorite travel destination:

Anywhere north with lots of ducks

Dream vacation spot:

Seaside Florida

Motivational quote (your own words or someone else's)

It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation and one day to lose it.

Any fun fact:

The only shoes I wear are Crocs.

Dr. Duck's Favorite Gatorz: Black Polarized Magnum's





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