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Athlete - Steve Dee


Spartan Racer  // Somerset, NJ

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Originally from:Orange County, CA

Year started Spartan:  2011

Why you love Spartan Racing:I love the competition, the community and the challenge of being outside of the comfort zone. I believe you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable to be a good OCR athlete. More than anything else I love to see people who are at a race for the first time pushing themselves just to finish the race and get a medal. Motivating people to get off the couch and push them selves in ways they never thought possible is the reason Spartan Race began and it is those individuals who amaze and inspire me most of all.  

Second favorite sport:Crossfit but I would not say it is a second as it has become a focus of mine over the last couple years and I am currently training with Monarch Training to be competitive in the sport.

Pets:Dog (MAX) 110 pound American Bulldog

Favorite health food: Salmon

Favorite cheat meal:Pizza

Favorite travel destination: Maui

Dream vacation spot: Darwin’s Arch — Galapagos, Ecuador

Motivational quote :1.When you find you’re self-going through hell, keep going.

2.Your only competition is looking back at you in the mirror  

3.You can’t fix a problem with the same thinking that created it 

Any fun fact: 1. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California

2. I am a Shark Diver and photographer whose photos and story have been featured in multiple articles including the daily mail.

3. I have written a book about tiger sharks focused on conservation called “Shark Divers Tiger Beach”


Steve's Favorite Gatorz: Wraptor - Blackout Frame w/ Smoke Polarized Lenses



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