Is Gatorz back in business?

Yes, we are back with new management and a new owner who took over the reins at Gatorz towards end of September 2014. We are working hard to get Gatorz back to full operations as quickly as possible. We have re-launched our website and will be working towards getting our dealership network up and running again over time.

Is the previous management team of Gatorz involved in the new entity?

Gatorz has a new owner with a new management team in place who are committed to making Gatorz better than ever. 

Is Gatorz still experiencing financial difficulties? 

No. Gatorz was bought in auction out of Chapter 7, however, there are no liabilities carried over to the new Gatorz. We are starting the business with a clean slate.

Is Gatorz going to still be MADE IN THE USA?

YES! We are proud to be one of the few sunglass brands in the market now that can claim that we are MADE IN THE USA. We remain fully committed to manufacturing on U.S. soil and to maintain the continuity of the Gatorz brand and DNA.

Where will Gatorz be headquartered?

Gatorz will remain in Carlsbad, California. Our new location is at 3129 Tiger Run Court, Suite 212, Carlsbad, CA 92010.

Will there be any changes to Gatorz products?

We are committed to the Gatorz of today and the future. The key Gatorz products will remain, but we will make ongoing improvements to the quality and standards of our sunglasses. We will not be making any changes to the current Aluminum-based product line-up nor remove any key popular styles. However, Plastic/Nylon-based products will be discontinued to realign the Gatorz brand as a premium aluminum eyewear product.

We are looking to launch new products and “high spec” variants in the future.



I sent products to Gatorz for repairs, and as of today, I have yet to receive an update. What can I do?

We are in the process of locating some returns that were sent to Gatorz during the transition. Some returns were not processed at that time. Rest assured that the new team at Gatorz is working hard to address this issue. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We will be contacting customers who have returned product as quickly as possible. 

If you have any concerns or questions on this, email us at customerservice@gatorz.com.

Please provide as much information as possible including documentation, emails or any other form of communications related to your returned item to help expedite the process. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated as our team works through limited information and records on hand to handle this situation.

I bought products online at www.gatorz.com but have yet to receive my sunglass until today. What can I do?

The new team at Gatorz is currently working hard to retrieve as much information and details from the previous online ordering system. If you are one of our customers affected by this issue, please email us at customerservice@gatorz.com with subject header: “NON-FULFILLMENT” and provide us with as much detail as possible including a copy of the receipt or a confirmation number.

I need to get my Gatorz repaired. Who do I contact and where do I send them?

Please email us at customerservice@gatorz.com for instructions. Please note that we are still working to get to full operations so you may experience some delays. We aim to get your product repaired and back to you as soon as possible. 

If your product is nearing the end of the warranty coverage, rest assured that we will honor the warranty during this transition period.

Is there a number I can call for help?

You may contact us at 1-844-560-7179. Due to expected high call volume, we encourage our customers to email us at customerservice@gatorz.com.

I bought my Gatorz before they went out of business. Will the new management at Gatorz honor the warranty?

YES! Even though we have a new owner and management team in place at Gatorz, we are still Gatorz and remain committed to our customers and our products. 

Will Gatorz be honoring previous gift certificates, promised discounts, agreed sponsorships and other promotions arranged through the previous company?

We will review any previous arrangements on a case-by-case basis. Please send us an email at customerservice@gatorz.com with details.

With there be discounts or promotions for Military/ Government Personnel?

We are currently working on getting inventory levels and production back up to speed. Discounts or promotions are currently on hold until we are confident that we can fulfill all orders. 

Can I make a reservation for any order first?

Reservations are currently not available but we have resumed production and inventory levels will be kept high going forward to ensure we do not run out of stock. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page or join our mailing list so we can inform you when new inventory has arrived.



When can I start buying again on www.gatorz.com?

You can place your order today on the Gatorz website, however, you may experience a delay as inventory levels are still low. We hope to resolve this situation in the very near future. 

I used to be a dealer for Gatorz. Why no one has contacted me yet?

If you used to be a dealer, we’d love to hear from you today! Please contact us at sales@gatorz.com. In the transition to new ownership, we did not receive most of the company’s old records causing challenges in contacting previous dealers. We have hired key staff previously with Gatorz to help us re-engage previous dealers. We look forward to hearing from you. 

I was a previous dealer/ appointed international distributor of Gatorz. Will I still be appointed as a dealer/ distributor going forward?

All dealer or distribution agreements with the previous company that owned Gatorz ceased due to with the Chapter 7 filing of the previous company. We will need to re-establish our dealer network. If you used to be a dealer of Gatorz with the previous company and would like to continue carrying Gatorz, please contact us at sales@gatorz.com.

I had placed an order with Gatorz as a dealer and made payments but no stock was ever delivered to me. When will I receive the shipment? 

Please contact us at sales@gatorz.com. The new owners of Gatorz are unable to provide an explanation of the actions of the previous management team, but we will do our best to see how we can help in these cases.