Motorcycle Collection

Our original wrap style, the Magnum features a full coverage frame and lens pairing. This close fitting frame fits comfortably under a helmet, making it the perfect pair of riding glasses.

The popular lifestyle Delta provides full coverage with a square shaped frame and larger lenses. Featuring the classic Gatorz durability and style, the Delta offers an edgy look, perfect for riding.

This “Optimized Polarized” lens provides the best of both worlds; the glare reduction of polarized lenses, without restricted view of digital screens. Unlike typical polarization, these partially polarized lenses provide the perfect balance of crisp, clear vision, without sacrificing the activities you perform while wearing them.

When used indoors, the Inferno lens provides clear eye protection without any tint. When exposed to UV rays, the color of the lens automatically darkens, providing protection from the sun. This popular lens keeps your eyes protected in changing environments or weather.