payment plans

Now you can own a pair of Gatorz for as little as $42.50 per month. Simply choose Payment Plan at checkout to make FOUR easy monthly payments. Our payment plans are managed by and you will be directed to create an account with them during checkout. You will have the ability to track your payments and view your payment schedule. All payment plans require a processing fee of just $10. Our payment plans are only available for USA based customers and orders.



Select the style you want and add to cart.


Checkout via Payment Plans by selecting "4 Easy Payments"


Sign up for a account before proceeding for payment

4. shipping and payment

Provide shipping details and credit card information for payment


  • 4 Easy Payments
  • $42.50 monthly
  • $10 processing fee

Polarized Magnum
  • 4 Easy Payments
  • $47.50 monthly
  • $10 processing fee

Magnum Z - ANSI Z87+
  • 4 Easy Payments
  • $52.50 monthly
  • $10 processing fee


Question: Are payment plans interest free?

Yes, payment plans are interest free. There is only a one time processing fee of $10.00 for each payment plan, which is non-refundable in the event of product returns. Only the value of the product is refundable in the event of customer returns.

Question: Can I cancel a payment plan?

Once the transaction has been completed, it cannot be cancelled. However, if for any reason, you would like to return the product under our 90 day return policy, please contact us at to process the refund.

Question: Is there a restriction to how many pairs of Gatorz sunglasses that can be purchased under payment plans?

There are no restrictions to the number of pairs of Gatorz you can buy under a payment plan. You can choose to buy as many as you wish.

Question: Why do I need to create a account?

Our payment plans are managed by and as such, all customers will be required to create a account in order to proceed with the purchase. The account will allow you access to your payment plan and keep track of your payments.

Question: I am an overseas customer. Can I make use of the payment plans?

No. At the moment, payment plans are only available to USA based customers and orders.

Question: Is the lifetime warranty and 90 day returns policy applicable for products purchased under a payment plan?

Yes. Our lifetime warranty and 90 day return policy applies to all our sunglass products regardless of the type of payment method.

Question: Why am I not able to use my existing discount codes for Payment Plans?

Discount codes are currently not available for use under our Payment Plans checkout process.

Question: I choose payment plans via direct debit from my bank account. Why is it taking so long to process my order?

The processing time for direct debit from bank accounts is much longer than credit cards as we need to wait for the funds to be recorded into our account and can take up to 10 working days for the funds to be received by our bank. We strongly suggest customers to check out via payment plans with a credit card to avoid any delays in shipments.


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