Prescription Program

General Information

All our models are prescription capable and applicable only for single vision prescription between -3.00 to +3.00. Please kindly fill up the necessary information at the link here and our appointed representative will contact you on your request within 03 working days. Lead times for delivery is between 3-4 weeks upon confirmation of prescription order. All prescription orders come with a 1 year warranty against workmanship of lens.


Pricing and Payment

Prescription prices varies from between $250 to $500 and is dependent on your prescription, lens type and insurance. Our RX appointed retailer will contact you with regards to the price after receiving your prescription and will proceed with the prescription work only after confirmation on the acceptance of the price offered. Final payment will be made to our appointed RX retailer directly.


Gatorz RX Retailer

Gatorz prescription program is managed by an appointed optical retailer. All dealings, including payment and providing the right prescription, with the customer will be handled by the appointed optical retailer.