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Gatorz ANSI Z87+ Rated Eyewear - The Gear Bunker

"Gatorz answered the call with their newer ANSI Z87+ rated eyewear. With them now having the ANSI rating, they now have the doors opened to supply ballistic eyewear to both military and law enforcement units."


Gatorz Thin Blue Line - Load Out Room

"Comfort – “the ability to mold the fit of the shades to your face is incredible and it really is a one size fits all pair of shades” says Officer Ray. Officer Brason stated that “the ability to mold them to your face is like having multiple pairs of shades in 1. You can bend them back if you want a lose fit or bend them in for a tighter fit”."


Cerakote Gatorz Magnum’s: Durability and Performance - Load Out Room

"When talking about Gatorz Eyewear, its kind of the best of both worlds. Durability and performance are all I ask for when I’m looking at shades, and Gatorz definitely packs that 1-2 combo."


Cerakote Wraptor by Gatorz: Looking Cool Matters - Load Out Room

"Gatorz are all made from 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminum which allows for a customized fit to your face. These glasses are extremely tough and have taken some hits that I’m sure would have wrecked other brands."


Gatorz Clear Eyewear | Clear Lens During Night Operations - Load Out Room

"Operations in low visibility environments can be sketchy at best especially in maritime situations. You rely solely on your navigation equipment, NVG’s (if you have them), boat crew members and your knowledge of driving a RHIB. So how do Clear Lens Gatorz Wraptor’s come into play"


Oakley vs. Gatorz: Why I made the switch to Gatorz Eyewear - Load Out Room

"The vision clarity when looking through the “Smoked Polarized Lens“ its almost like a new outlook on life. It’s a drastic difference compared to the Fuel Cell Black lens that I have on my Oakley’s. A win for Gatorz. The Smoked Polarized take the glare out of the water on a sunny day a lot more than my polarized Lens on my Oakley’s. Another win for Gatorz."


Gear Hunter: Gatorz Eyewear ANSI Z87+ line goes beyond the norm - Outdoor Hub

"Beyond the basics, Gatorz Eyewear features some serious technology and designs that make these shades perfect for any activity. Available in a standard lens or prescription lens, Gatorz offer the necessary versatility to be your go to shades for everything you may tackle in your day to day life."


Gear Hunter – Gatorz Eyewear - Outdoor Hub

"Gatorz Eyewear has made a name for themselves over the past 3 decades by manufacturing eyewear with their signature aluminum frames, stylish designs, and attention to detail. Their passion for crafting durable and functional eyewear has made them the go to brand for many thrill seekers and special forces operators."


Good Range Gear: Gatorz Eyewear - Range365

"I admitted my stupidity to the staff and they handed me a pair of their Magnum Z glasses, after adapting the nosepiece and the aluminum frames to precisely fit my face. I wore those glasses all day and the lightweight aluminum frames were comfortable the entire time and reduced the glare off the Nevada desert making it easier to see my targets."


TFB LONG TERM REVIEW: Gatorz Eyewear Magnum Z87+ - The Firearm Blog

"Unlike most “sport” style glasses the Magnum Z’s are made with a lightweight metal frame that fully surrounds the lenses. The hinges are strong and made with stainless steel. And the lenses are scratch resistant polycarbonate. The whole package is rated to the Z87.1 ANSI eyewear safety standard."


Gatorz Eyewear Magnum Z Aluminum-Framed ANSI Z87+ Ballistic Eyepro: Rugged Combat/Tactical Sunglasses for Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) Missions! (Video!) - Defense Review

"The Magnum Z’s main claim to fame–aside from the aforementioned Z87.1+ ballistic protection level (obviously a great feature in a tactical shooting sunglass)–is its 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminum frame, which is very eye-catching and immediately recognizable. DR immediately liked the Magnum Z’s frame design and high degree of comfort."