Gatorz Bottle Breacher

Product Description

Customized with the Gatorz logo, this bottle opener was hand crafted from 50 Caliber ammunition by Active Duty service members and Veterans. Open your next cold one in style!

Made In The USA

3-Way Adjustability Ensures Perfect Fit


Gatorz prides itself on the build quality and materials used to produce the American-Made Aluminum Frames. The T6 7075 Aluminum used undergoes a process allowing for the sunglasses to be adjusted, and maintain that shape once the user finds the perfect fit. This has become especially useful for customers in the automotive/motorcycle industry and military wearing helmets, pilots/fire fighters wearing over-ear headsets, and every other person in between looking to make their personal pair of Gatorz unique to themselves.  The 3 ways of adjusting the product has been outlined with accompanying pictures. 


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