Gatorz Logo Eyewear Strap

Product Description

Never lose your glasses again when you attach your Gatorz into our eyewear straps!

Product Details:

  • Thin Cat Strap eyewear retainer
  • 3mm cord with patented tubing attachment system
  • Length: 9 inches (folded), 18 inches (total)

3-Way Adjustability Ensures Perfect Fit

Gatorz prides itself on the build quality and materials used to produce the American-Made Aluminum Frames. The T6 7075 Aluminum used undergoes a process allowing for the sunglasses to be adjusted, and maintain that shape once the user finds the perfect fit. This has become especially useful for customers in the automotive/motorcycle industry and military wearing helmets, pilots/fire fighters wearing over-ear headsets, and every other person in between looking to make their personal pair of Gatorz unique to themselves.  The 3 ways of adjusting the product has been outlined with accompanying pictures. 


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