GATORZ Eyewear Introduces RIG: Where Style Meets Unmatched Protection and Functionality

Carlsbad, CA - June 19, 2024 – GATORZ Eyewear, the distinguished American manufacturer renowned for high-performance eyewear, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the GATORZ Rig. Tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, tactical professionals, and craftsmen, the Rig stands as a pinnacle of eyewear innovation, seamlessly blending style with unparalleled functionality.

Embodying durability to withstand any environment, the GATORZ Rig ensures ultimate eye protection during rugged activities. Its sleek design and customizable fit guarantee both visual appeal and comfort, maintaining superior clarity and vision for focused performance. Crafted with precision and equipped with GATORZ TruRay™ visual optics, the Rig is ideal for outdoor adventures, duty service, or craftsmanship, meeting the demands of those who seek the ultimate in eye protection.

"The GATORZ Rig represents a new era in eyewear, where practicality and style converge seamlessly," remarked Scott Sorensen, Head of Marketing at GATORZ Eyewear. "With its blend of form and function, the Rig addresses the need for versatility, safeguarding, clarity, style, and comfort within a singular product. It's the epitome of eyewear innovation."

The Rig further advances the GATORZ eye-protection innovation mission, offering adaptability to ensure optimal performance in any scenario. Whether in the great outdoors or tackling demanding work environments, the Rig is designed to elevate clarity, safety, and performance, delivering the most precise and secure visual experience for those who challenge boundaries daily.

For individuals seeking eyewear that aligns with their active lifestyle while delivering uncompromising performance, the GATORZ Rig stands as the ultimate choice. To learn more about the Rig and experience the next evolution in eyewear, visit