Product Care

Proper Lens Cleaning

All GATORZ sunglasses come with a custom woven microfiber bag for wiping the lenses. To thoroughly clean your TruRay® lenses, we recommend our Lens Cleaner, or mild soap and water. Keep in mind that even using just water is better than trying to wipe dry, especially if remnant dirt and sand is present on the lenses (dirt and sand may scratch lenses when wiping dry). DO NOT use alcohol wipes!

Antifog Coating Care

Our Lens Cleaner is recommended, and has been approved by our lens supplier as being safe, for our antifog lenses in our ANSI/Ballistic products. To clean your anti-fog lens you will notice it has a tackier texture on the rear of the lens. This is the anti-fog coating you feel. The best way to clean your lenses is to rinse the lens with clean water or use a cleaning spray and wipe gently. Always use a designated lens cleaning cloth or a soft cotton cloth to clean your lenses. Never use paper towels, paper napkins, or any course or rough materials.

Anodized and Cerakote Frames Cleaning Care

It is recommended to wipe your eyewear after every use, or at least periodically, to help alleviate any build-up of your skin’s natural oils and sweat on the frames. A simple swipe of the temple pieces, nose piece, and lenses using the included microfiber bag your sunglasses come with can prolong the life of your new eyewear. 

If your glasses were exposed to sea water and/or sunscreen, we recommend cleaning your eyewear after the exposure with our Lens Cleaner, or mild soap and water, and letting it air-dry.

Microfiber Bag

Clean the microfiber bag regularly by hand washing with mild soap and letting it air-dry.

Nose Piece and Hinge Screw tightening

Repair Kit

You can use a 1.2 mm Phillips screwdriver to tighten the nose piece and hinges on your eyewear. For glasses purchased in 2018 or older, there may be flat head screws on the nose pieces.

Proper Storage

We recommend using the provided microfiber cloth pouch to store your eyewear to protect from scratching. Additional pouches may be purchased here. For additional protection, we offer a hard, zippered Molle Case that can be strapped to your gear.