GATORZ Eyewear on Cleared Hot

Earlier this month, California natives Andrew Fontes, GATORZ Brand Manager, and Jared Mantzouranis, Graphic Designer, braved the cold Montana weather as they flew in to meet Andy Stumpf. Andy, former US Navy SEAL and GAOTRZ Ambassador, moved to Montana after living in San Diego for a number of years.  They drove through the beautiful snowy scenery, to meet Andy at his home in Kalispell.  As the snow fell, in what can later be confirmed as “not whiteout conditions”, Andrew and Jared made their way to Andy’s house to record Episode 103 of his Cleared Hot podcast.  Once they arrived, they made their way straight up Andy’s front yard, in what became the opening topic of the podcast.  Humor is a great way to engage podcast listeners, so, way to go, guys

Skip the driveway, we’ll take the front yard!

Snow Tracks

Once they got that all cleared up, Andy talked about his career and introduction to GATORZ. He’s been a champion of the brand for many years, and will never wear anything else.  He started wearing GATORZ early in his military career, and even mentions that it’s the only piece of gear he’s taken with him past his service.  Whether skydiving, hunting, or shooting, they provide a secure yet comfortable fit with the clearest vision.

Andy Stumpf

Andrew talks about how he first met Andy, and how many have come to know him through his famous video spending time with the USA Men’s Water Polo team and putting them through a day of SEAL training.  He had no idea at the time that this would become something over 8 million people watched.


Listen to the entire podcast for all the details. We’ve got exciting things coming up in 2020, and we’re so happy to have Andy on board with us.


Andrew and Jared spent a few days with Andy. Check out all of their adventures. Sneak Peak: A Day with Andy Stumpf