GATORZ x SHOT Show 2019

For the first time in company history, GATORZ attended both Industry Day at the Range and SHOT Show last month.  We've hoped to be at these events for quite some time, and it was worth the wait.

Industry Day at the Range took place at the Boulder City Rifle & Postol Club.  The continual sound of rounds hitting the metal targets set the tone for what was to be an amazing day.  We were excited to debut our new ANSI Certified colleciton of Magnums and Wraptors, and allow attendees to try them while they walked the range and fired guns.  In case you're wondering where the range is, it's that way...

GATORZ Brand Manager, Andrew, getting ready for a media interview, making sure everyone knew where the range was.

Not only were our impact resistant glasses in each of the shooting lanes, we also had our own booth.  And we were lucky enough to have Nick Koumalatsos and Alison Capra join us for the day.  Nick is many things - Special Operations Marine veteran, entrepreneur, author, and head of The Raider Project - but most of all, great company for the day!  Nick and Ali looked amazing in the glasses, and helped us tell the Gatorz story to all of our visitors. 


Nick Koumalatsos and Alison Capra looking great in their GATORZ!

 As our day continued, it kept getting better and better.  Next, we headed down to the US Corrections Special Applications Unit trailer to visit STL Joseph Garcia and the K9 crew.  We couldn't be happier to have him on our team.  We are the eyewear protecting the fearless team going into high risk prison assignments.  Our impact resistant lenses, and ANSI Z 87 certification make us the perfect fit for this dangerous environment.  And not to forget, they have to look like badasses while doing their job.  They put on an epic K9 demonstration and let us tour their state of the art team trailer.  

Only the best equipment for this elite team, including their GATORZ eyewear! 

That's me! Finding the balance between knowing these dogs can destroy a human if needed, but also wanting pet them for hours. 

And all this was just Range Day!  SHOT Show took place at the Sands Expo Center, on the strip in Las Vegas.  We had an amazing location in the lobby, which meant we got to meet EVERYONE!  Our spot quickly became the best place to hang out - we had our full line of Gatorz to try on, K9 demonstrations with STL Joseph Garcia and team, meet and greets with Dom Raso, Andy Stumpf, and Nick Koumalatsos.  Oh yeah, and beer - we had happy hour every day.  Check out the video below for just a small glimpse into this amazing activation.

So. Many. #bamfs visiting us!