No Off Season!

The GATORZ team had a booth setup at The Tactical Games – South Carolina – showcasing new frames and allowing competitors and spectators to try on and purchase GATORZ Eyewear.

By Amy Dillon for GATORZ Eyewear

At GATORZ Eyewear, we recognize that our customers are in the mindset of “No Off Season.” Always at the ready, prepared, and recognizing that training is a mindset and way of life, not just a season. This is why, we choose to sponsor the tactical shooting event known as The Tactical Games.

This unique shooting competition challenges you to simultaneously test shooting skills and functional fitness abilities. In 2017, Tim Burke, a military veteran and former law enforcement officer, set out to create The Tactical Games as a competition series designed specifically to challenge and test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes.

“There are a lot of other shooting sports out there, but nobody is really doing what we’re doing,” said Burke. “A good shooter can stand on a range and shoot at 50 yards all day long, but to do that when your respiration and heart rates are way past normal, that’s a different story altogether.”

The Tactical Games quickly became the go-to shooting sport for tactical athletes from the elite units within the military and law enforcement/first responder units alike, while still being open to all civilians who may just want to test their mettle to perform at the type of level training for this event demands.

“Everyone loves it because it’s so unique,” said Sarah Williams, vice president of The Tactical Games. “The Tactical Games test not only your shooting skills, but your physical fitness, too, and it also includes some mental challenges. You have to be good at the shooting and the physical aspect to do well. You can’t be one-sided.”

Based on a highly secretive event hosted and run by NATO Tier 1 units, The Tactical Games is designed to test tactical athletes through a continuum of combat-related tasks while under time constraints and physical duress.

 “GATORZ is thrilled to sponsor The Tactical Games,” said Sam Havelock, Gatorz’ Chief Brand Officer and Tactical Games athlete. “Firearms and fitness go hand in hand and many of our GATORZ’ customers compete in the The Tactical Games, including myself. Being able to sponsor a shooting competition that blended the commitment to be at your peak physical performance with the shooting sports; The Tactical Games was a perfect fit for those individuals who define what being ‘mission-driven’ is.” 

A tactical athlete must utilize their mental strength under pressure while moving over a long distance, carrying heavy weights and making the most of brief bursts of strength and energy. Each stage typically includes climbing obstacles, running with a rucksack on and shooting both rifles and pistols from unconventional positions, among other challenges.

What makes a tactical athlete?

They don’t have an offseason—and that detail sets them apart from other professional athletes, such as baseball, football and basketball players.

Tactical athletes as defined as the kind of people who have to be on-point daily, year-round, like a Green Beret, Navy SEAL or Delta Operator. A tactical athlete’s fitness enables them to get to where they’re needed, perform at a high level, and execute whatever their mission is regardless of tough conditions in any type of weather or terrain. 

The Tactical Games embodies that spirit, and so does the GATORZ lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more or you’re thinking about attending or even participating in one of The Tactical Games forthcoming events, visit the organization’s website.