Motorcycle Sunglasses


The Gatorz brand emerged in 1989 under one founding principle: create something as bold and unique as the people who would wear them—the elite. That inspired a new type of eyewear designed and engineered for the trifecta of fit, form, and function, and proudly made in the USA. Differentiated by an adjustable aluminum frame, Gatorz sunglasses maintain a reputation for exceptional performance in any situation, from the extreme to the everyday.

Gatorz began (30 years ago this year!) with the needs of the motorcycle community in mind.  The thin and adjustable frames fit easily under a helmet.  We offer lenses in a variety of colors, to meet different needs; Polarized, non-polarized, clear, yellow, Inferno (transitional), OPz (optimized polarized – eliminate glare while still viewing digital screens), and rose, to list a few.   Check out the collection below, or view all of our products.


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