Dealer of Record

 GATORZ Eyewear’s Dealer of Record (DOR) Program is intended to support those dealers who are actively pursuing new business and marketing GATORZ products to customers who may not have otherwise seen or heard about us.

The basis of this program is dealer initiation. Dealer initiates a sale by putting a significant amount of time into educating and selling to a qualified, new customer. Please note that not every sale will qualify as a DOR sale. If someone simply asks for pricing, or our product is requested on an existing bid, this does not qualify for DOR pricing. The DOR program is dependent upon the dealer’s initiation of business.  Please be sure to fully document the work you’ve done to support your request for DOR pricing.

GATORZ Eyewear agrees to a Dealer of Record program when the following parameters are met:

  1. The agency in question is not currently a GATORZ customer.
  2. The agency must have a representative agree to move forward with a potential purchase.
  3. This form must be completed and submitted for approval.

Once these parameters are met, and the request is deemed valid, GATORZ Eyewear will designate the dealer as the Dealer of Record and provide them with an additional discount on their pricing for the single opportunity in question, to give the dealer a competitive pricing position. No DORs will be awarded for government initiated bids where there was no sales effort that lead to the bid.

DOR Form