All About Jack Carr, Navy SEAL, GATORZ Fanatic, and Author of THE TERMINAL LIST

When Jack Carr set out to write THE TERMINAL LIST, he was determined to muster everything in his power to infuse his story with the most authenticity possible. 

Fueled by his own experiences during two decades of service in Navy Special Warfare, Jack’s debut novel became a runaway hit, spawning several sequels and a new original series on Amazon Prime starring Chris Pratt in the lead role.  

THE TERMINAL LIST is the story of James Reece, a Navy SEAL commander whose entire team is killed during a disastrous covert operation. Out for vengeance, Reece discovers a conspiracy connected to the highest levels of government. It’s an explosive and harrowing tale, packed with the authentic attention to detail combat veterans and tactical pros live for. 

The series draws upon Jack’s extensive knowledge of combat. During his 20 years of service in Naval Special Warfare, he saw action wherever America projected force around the world. He began his NSW career as an enlisted SEAL sniper, then led assault teams during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as a junior officer. From there, his career landed him in the Philippines, where he served as a platoon commander during counterinsurgency ops. Finally, during the tumultuous drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq, Jack commanded a Special Operations Task Unit with a mission to resist Iranian influence in the region. 

He’s a decorated combat veteran who brought the fight to the enemy and served his country with distinction. He’s a bestselling author. He’s a seasoned outdoorsman and hunter. He’s a dedicated family man. 

It’s safe to say here at GATORZ, we consider Jack a rather impressive American. 

He’s also a man we’re especially grateful to call a friend. Because accompanying Jack on every deployment and every operation over the course of his long career was a pair of GATORZ sunglasses. Since the start of his storied military journey, Jack’s relied on his trusty GATORZ Wraptors as an essential part of his kit.

Sharp-eyed viewers may notice Chris Pratt sporting a pair of Magnum Blackouts in the series. The Magnum is our original warrior’s frame, with a wrap-around fit offering plenty of peripheral coverage for those with heads perpetually on swivels. You’ll even spot Jack himself in the series, rocking his own pair of Wraptors during a uh … rather entertaining cameo in Episode 3. 

If you haven’t started watching THE TERMINAL LIST on Amazon Prime, do yourself a favor and get started immediately. Or, join a massive community of fans and start reading Jack Carr’s books right now. You’ll be turning the last page on Book 5 and eagerly awaiting Jack’s next installment in no time.