Meet the MARAUDER, the Newest Warrior-Inspired GATORZ Frame

Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.

Here at GATORZ, we’re dedicated to the warrior class and the lifestyles you lead on and off the field of duty. Now, we’re proud to bring you a frame that excels at both. The Marauder is our newest creation, an all-metal frame with a rebellious side, equally capable at tactical ops and weekend journeys. 

When designing the newest addition to our catalog, we found inspiration in a legendary unit from World War II—the 5307th Composite Unit, or “Merrill’s Marauders” was a special operations jungle warfare unit that brought the fight to the enemy deep behind Japanese lines in the Burma Campaign. 

These hard-battling men became infamous for leading recon and raids in some of the meanest bush in the Pacific War, hacking their way through the unforgiving jungle with kukri blades, harassing supply lines, setting up ambushes, and taking out high value targets. 

They were some of the deadliest soldiers in the entire war, and they were methodical and exacting in their movements. We brought those kinds of precise characteristics into the design of the new frame that bears the Marauders’ name. Built to be equal parts nimble and bold, the Marauder will accompany you wherever your work takes you, no matter the elements, and no matter the mission. 


The ANSI/MILSPEC Ballistic version of the Marauder is a conveniently lightweight GATORZ design, with the thinnest temples of any ballistic certified frame in our collection. We know when you’re out on mission, every single ounce in your kit adds up, so rely on field-tested protection in the field without the extra weight.

Not as boxy as the Delta, not as sleek as the Wraptor, but somewhere brilliantly in between, the Marauder has earned its place in your kit. Load out with the Marauder in the color and style of your choice, and we’ll see you out in the field.