GATORZ Employee Spotlight: Larry Butler



Larry Butler is a marauder of the eyewear industry, helping GATORZ chart a course through the tradewinds and discovering a few treasures along the way. A Southern California native and a father of three, Larry worked for years in the corporate eyewear world, and considers his work at GATORZ a considerable upgrade.

Just listen to him talk about working in GATORZ as Head of Design. He sounds like he’s preparing to raid the high seas and board an enemy vessel with a cutlass between his teeth.

“There’s a huge ocean out there, with giant corporations driven by greed sailing fleets of large ships focused on maximizing their bottom line by going as cheap as possible,” he says. “At GATORZ, we are focused on the product much more than the bottom line. No expense is spared in the quality of the material we use, the precise manufacturing processes we employ, and the delivery of the best USA-made performance eyewear out there for those who expect the best.”

“Instead of a fleet of rigid, inflexible tall ships, pumping out as much overpriced plastic frames as possible, GATORZ is more like an agile ship of pirates with purpose—nimble and sailing along on the winds of our own mission driven values; not following trends, but rather setting the standard in a way that we believe in to create the best for the best.  And if it’s good enough for the best, it’s good enough for the rest.”


“You see the world through what you wear,” Larry says. “That means when the world sees you back, it’s given a statement of who you are. Those who wear GATORZ are making a statement to themselves as well as those around them that not only do they care about giving their eyes the very best, but that they also want to look good doing it.”

Special Operations Forces, like the Navy SEALs, who were the original adopters of GATORZ, have considerable latitude in certain components of their equipment, like eyewear, footwear, and gloves, yet they very often choose GATORZ over any other eyewear.

“Knowing that these guys as well as other mission-driven individuals are wearing the products I helped develop is incredibly rewarding.”