Gatorz Specter

GATORZ Original Frame Style

Thinking about getting a Specter?  We've answered some frequently asked questions below.  If you have a question not shown here, please let us know!
  • What makes this new frame different? The Specter is an entirely new, GATORZ original design.  Featuring the benefits of a wrap, this look has a flatter front, and smooth transition to the straight temples.  The unique step downs on the side give it added style.  This frame is perfect for on duty, at the range, or weekend adventures.  The Specter is ANSI Z87+ and MILSPEC Ballistic rated. 
  • How do they pair with a helmet or ear protection? GATORZ are known for thin temples, and a seamless integration with helmets and ear protection.  They're fully adjustable, allowing you to create the perfect sizing.
  • How does Specter differ from a Magnum or Delta? The Magnum features a close fitting wrap.  While the Specter offers the same side impact protection, its flatter front and straight temples give it an entirely new look.  The Delta's larger lenses and narrower temples give it a more lifestyle look.
  • Do you offer these in Prescription, or Lens Replacement service? Both Prescription options and Lens Replacement service are available.
  • What if I don't like the fit? This adjustable frame comfortably fits all head shapes and sizes.  The flatter front gives the appearance of more coverage for those with a larger head.  But, if the fit isn't as expected, you can return them!  We offer hassle free returns for up to 30 days.


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“To say these sunglasses are perfect is a serious understatement. The build, construction, look, and fit are all top shelf. Best of all, they are made in America. I will easily buy another pair without thinking twice.” - Derek A.