Universal Rules of Firearm Safety and Mirrored Specters

By Amy Dillon for GATORZ Eyewear

Following gun safety rules is a necessity to keeping you and others safe; whether you are serving in the military, a law enforcement officer, carrying a concealed firearm for self-defense, or just someone who loves going to the range to shoot for fun, it’s always a good idea to review these universal rules of firearm safety.

Now, if you are someone that fits into one of the above categories, you have probably seen these rules somewhere posted on a wall or heard in a training class from an instructor. The 4 universal rules of gun safety are:

1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
2. Never point your firearm at anything that you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

Another responsibility you have when practicing with your firearms is to always wear appropriate eye and ear protection when shooting or maintaining your firearm. Now, when we think of eyewear appropriate for shooting protection, we tend to visualize eyewear that well, just looks like standard run-of-the-mill eyewear. Something that looks like safety glasses, not necessarily a fashionable piece of eyewear we would pair with a favorite outfit when we leave the range, right?

Enter GATORZ Eyewear Mirrored Specters

Let’s talk about the (unspoken) 5th rule when handling firearms: Always Look Cool.

Of course, when we do go to the range to practice shooting, it’s always a bonus to show up with gear and accessories that make us look professional, stylish, and keep us safe. Because let’s face it…when we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, it just might make a difference in how our target looks at the end of the range session! Shooting is 90% mental, as the saying goes.

The Mirrored Specters now available at GATORZ.com is a frame specifically created for style. This frame/lens combination provides additional looks to the popular Specter frame.

The Specter polarized mirrored lenses include: Gold, Sunburst, Green, Blue, and Silver. The Specter frame is a black cerakote finish with a blackout logo for the Sunburst and Gold lenses, and a silver logo for the Green, Blue, and Silver lenses.

What is the difference for each lens color?

The Gold Mirror has a rose base that increases visual depth of field and increases contrast, enhancing detail. This option is great for driving and or action activities.

The Green Mirror has a Bronze base that enhances contrast and is good for variable light conditions. This option is great for outdoor activities and everyday use.

The Blue, Sunburst, and Silver Mirror have a gray base which reduces bright light and offers great color perception. Great for sunny days and everyday use.

Although the Mirrored Specter style line is not rated to ANSI Z87 or MILSPEC Ballistic standards due to the shape of the frame (read about ANSI versus MILSPEC Ballistic here), the lens and frames are engineered to exceed ANSI High Velocity Impact Standards. All lenses in this collection provide high velocity impact protection due to the polycarbonate lenses, while the frames are created from durable aerospace grade aluminum. These glasses provide UV400 protection as well. The lenses have hydrolio coating to repel water and oils, while the premium polarized lenses offer glare reduction allowing you to see things you cannot see with the naked eye.

Each pair of GATORZ Eyewear glasses are built to last - they are lightweight, durable aerospace grade aluminum frames. GATORZ Eyewear are the preferred eyewear of US Special Operations.

GATORZ Eyewear glasses are made to give you a custom fit with a fully adjustable frame and nosepiece for a comfortable and secure fit. The temples are thin to fit under helmets and ear pro comfortably. 

Every single pair of GATORZ Eyewear glasses are hand crafted and inspected, with a rigorous quality control and attention to detail. The stainless steel hinges on the temples are riveted to the precision CNC machined frame.

Get you, or your favorite shooter, the gift of safety meets style, with a pair of these American Made Mirrored Specters. Cost is $270, with Free Shipping in the US (Over $100).