GATORZ Shooting Lens

Proper target identification is a must in any shooting situation. We may not always sense it, but for each shot our brains rely on visual information to identify the target, perceive depth and distance, and to form sight alignment on target. This is largely accomplished with visual information provided by contrast. The sharper the contrast between target and sights, and between target and surroundings, the quicker and more precisely our brains can compute what it takes to make the shot.


To accelerate this, we developed our High Contrast Shooting Lens. As you’ll see in the slider image, our high-contrast shooting lenses not only enhance contrast to help the target stand out from surroundings, but also highlight the common target colors of reds and oranges. As a result, you’ll experience quicker target identification and acquisition as your brain is able to more easily identify targets and get on with computing your firing solution.


With lenses for daylight or low-light, options include ANSI Z87.1 and MILSPEC Ballistic-rated, and also four different frame options, allowing for personal style preference. Users have found the contrast and depth-perception enhancement to be beneficial for both indoor and outdoor ranges, reducing glare and enhancing detail greatly to improve the experience. 

The Daytime Lens is intended for sunny days outdoors while the Low Light lens serves best at dawn and dusk, under overcast weather, or at indoor ranges. With either option you’ll experience reduced eye fatigue and a higher definition image of what’s in front of you.

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