Our New Laser Defender Lenses are Built for Combat and Crowd Control

Inside the new ballistic-certified lens tech that delivers the ultimate in eyewear defense.

Taking a laser beam straight to the eye is soooo not recommended. There’s a reason they put warning labels on those things. Laser strikes can cause temporary blindness and even serious eye damage if you’re not adequately protected. It’s a threat many uniformed pros know well, especially those in the aviation community. Even though most modern aircraft have windshields with built-in anti-laser technology, it’s still a hazard pilots must be vigilant of, especially while operating over densely populated regions.

But what about the men and women on the ground responding to civil unrest and protests that may escalate beyond peaceful demonstration? In a moment where anyone can buy one on Amazon or pick one up at a local hardware store, laser pointers constitute a real threat to uniformed pros in law enforcement and border security.

GATORZ is dedicated to building eyewear that responds to evolving threats. We listen to the feedback of people actually serving in the field, responding to emergencies and doing their jobs. As the demands of your job shift and change, so do we. 

That’s why we are proud to present the new Laser Defender lens for the Magnum and Specter frames in the GATORZ eyewear arsenal. Let’s jump into the technology of this uniquely protective lens, and we’ll show you how it defends your vision from harmful laser strikes.

How the Laser Defender lenses work

The Laser Defender lenses are infused with a special light-absorbing dye that blocks specific laser light wavelengths. In much the same way polycarbonate lenses block UV light, the Laser Defender lens acts as a gatekeeper, preventing the beam from passing through.

Law enforcement officers and uniformed pros have identified laser pointers as an emerging threat. We're responding in kind.

But we didn’t just make you one type of anti-laser lens. We made you three. There’s a daytime lens with a visible light transmission (VLT) of 23%, a low-light lens with a VLT of 40%, and a photochromic lens—commonly known as a transition lens—that shifts between 40% VLT and 12%, depending on the light conditions. In addition to working as a perfect day-to-night lens choice, the photochromic lens is also ideal for moving seamlessly from indoor to outdoor situations and maintaining clear visibility in both. 

All three lens types block multiple wavelengths of laser light, including red, green blue, violet, and even invisible infrared ones. (Yep, you can buy invisible lasers. In the wrong hands, they can be pretty insidious tools.) 

Reliable ballistic defense

In addition to providing super laser strike defense, these new lenses double up on two important ballistic certification safety specs: MIL-PRF-32432A impact and ANSI Z87.1-2015. Why meet one highly technical-sounding jumble of letters and numbers when you can meet two? 

What’s all that mean? It means these lenses are built for combat. Both MIL-PRF and ANSI Z87 are ballistic standards that certify these lenses as resistant to high-velocity fragments and particles traveling in the direction of those beautiful American eyeballs of yours. 

In dangerous scenarios like riot and crowd control, uniformed pros must be ready to defend against thrown objects like rocks, bricks, or bottles. Such projectiles can fragment and ricochet, sending chips and shards and splinters straight at your face. Lenses that meet these two standards stand a better chance at deflecting such hazards than non-certified lenses. 

And of course, the new Laser Defender lenses come equipped on GATORZ’s signature all-aluminum frames. Crafted out of durable CNC aluminum that can be molded to fit the unique contours of your face, a Magnum or a Specter outfitted with our new Laser Defender safety lenses is the ultimate public safety tactical frame. 

In a world that’s changing, and in many ways becoming more dangerous, the gear you choose to bring into the field must meet the moment. Law enforcement officers and other uniformed pros have identified laser pointers as an emerging threat, so we’re responding in kind. Add the new Laser Defender lenses to your loadout and stand at the ready.