GATORZ Top 5 Gift Ideas

By Amy Dillon

As we approach the holiday season, one of my favorite things to do is gift-shop for my friends and family. As a fellow firearms enthusiast, I know how exciting it can be to find the perfect gift for someone who shares the same passion. Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or even a shooting buddy, I’ve had my fair share of experiences searching for that ideal present. So, if you’re in need of a gift idea for a fellow firearms enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place!

Eye protection is an absolute must-have for any firearms enthusiast. When it comes to shooting, safety should always be the top priority, and protecting your eyes is a crucial part of that. Quality eye protection shields your eyes from flying debris, hot brass, and potential ricochets, ensuring a safe and enjoyable shooting experience. It’s an essential piece of gear that should always be included in a range bag, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your vision.

While functionality and safety are paramount in the firearms and outdoor industry, for many people, style is also an important consideration. While traditional eye protection may prioritize functionality over style, GATORZ Eyewear has taken the industry by storm by offering impact-resistant eyewear that is not only functional but incredibly stylish, combining the best of both worlds. GATORZ Eyewear are designed to meet the highest safety standards, providing impact resistance and protection for the eyes, but also offering a wide range of frame styles and lens options, allowing individuals to have a pair of sunglasses that not only protects their eyes but also compliments their personal style. With sleek and modern designs, GATORZ Eyewear has become a favorite among those who want to look good while staying safe. Best of all, every pair is proudly American made, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and supporting local manufacturing.

GATORZ Eyewear are also an ideal choice for those who require reliable eyewear in their line of work or outdoor pursuits such as Military Servicemembers, Law Enforcement personnel, Outdoorsman, and Tradesman because they withstand the demands of intense activities and harsh environments. So whether you’re looking for a gift for a fellow firearms enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or a tactical aficionado, we've curated a list of the top five gift ideas that are sure to impress.

  1. Delta Patriot OPz - For the person who lives and breathes the tactical/outdoors lifestyle. Designed for those who value both style and functionality, the Delta is the perfect blend of design and performance. With its classic, unisex lifestyle frame and optimized polarized lenses, the Delta offers a timeless look while reducing glare with full visibility of digital screens (smart phones, smart watches, computers, tablets, altimeters, etc.) - a must in our modern technology-filled world. The laser-engraved American flag in place of the GATORZ logo adds the perfect touch as a nod to support American Made craftsmanship. Whether strolling on the beach or exploring urban landscapes, the Delta Patriot OPz provides optimal eye protection and a touch of style.
Gatorz Marauder
  1. Marauder - For the Shooting Sports Outdoorsman. The Marauder sets itself apart with its thinner temples than most GATORZ, and just enough wrapping protection and uncompromised peripheral views. Lifestyle meets performance. With multiple frame and lens color combinations offered to complement individual style, the Marauder is perfect for those who enjoy multiple outdoor activities such as competition shooting, hunting, fishing, archery, and other outdoor recreation.
Gatorz Magnum Gift Guide
  1. Magnum - For the (Tactical) Professional: Military Servicemember/Law Enforcement Professional/Outdoorsman/Tradesman. This is our classic frame that started it all. With its bold and iconic look, the Magnum is a perfect choice for the tactical professional in your life. Worn by military servicemembers and law enforcement personnel, its larger frame size and aggressive styling exudes confidence and attitude. The Magnum is also ideal for motorcycle riders and skydivers, offering unparalleled wind protection and enhanced peripheral vision. Its durable construction and scratch-resistant lenses make it a reliable companion for activities that require prolonged exposure to any of the elements.
Gatorz Blastshield
  1. Blastshield - For the Marksman or Tradesman. Some of us spend every day on the range, or waiting to go to the range. Whether it’s competition shooting, daily practice, or just because recreational shooting is the hobby we enjoy the most. The Blastshield was the answer to our customers' most-requested design. The latest in GATORZ innovation, key benefits include interchangeable lenses, sleek and streamlined temple arms with added grip and fit for wear under ear pro and helmets, as well as ballistic protection. No range bag is complete without a pair of Blastshields, and there are multiple lens options available (smoke, clear, high-contrast/precision shooting) to upgrade without having to buy a new pair of glasses! The Blastshield is also a great choice for anyone that works with their hands and uses tools who need to see their work with precision and accuracy, especially in changing or low-light conditions, due to the center mount functionality which offers a wider field of view while reducing visual impairment from adjustment or impact.
Ammo Can
  1. Mini Ammo Can - For any Tactical/Outdoors Enthusiast. Our best-selling accessory, the Ammo Can has been identified as a must-have accessory by multiple outlets in the firearms industry. Designed to replicate a legitimate steel ammo can case in every way possible, it’s built to the same standards and specification as a NATO ammo can.The lid is outfitted with a water-tight gasket that securely seals when closed, protecting the contents from moisture and air. With rust-inhibiting paint, we guarantee a lifetime of reliable service. Inside you’ll find a custom padded insert that securely holds any GATORZ frame (excluding Blastshield), but it is also removable to store ammo, other range/outdoor gear, or anything else you need to keep safe and secure in a case that’s worthy of the GATORZ name.