Magnum OPUS Review

By Amy Dillon for GATORZ Eyewear

As a firearms instructor and professional shooter, there are certain items that are “must-haves” in my range bag. Eye and ear protection are among my required gear.

For eye protection, I naturally have a few pairs of GATORZ Eyewear glasses in my range bag. I was especially excited to try out the new Limited Edition Magnum Opus sunglasses.

The Opus features the original wrap frame the Magnum is known for, but with an updated style. The temple cutouts have a rugged texture, and a blackout logo, that provides a tough and stylish look. With the smoked, polarized lens offering protection from the sun, I am able to acquire my sights easily, even when shooting in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is at its highest point. The multiple colors (Black, Gunmetal, Green, and Tan) offered in a Cerakote finish, allow me to customize my look without compromising protection from flying debris that I may encounter while shooting steel targets outdoors.

The Magnum Opus are a unisex frame that now has a permanent spot in my range bag, either for myself or for the many men and women I train and shoot with on a regular basis.