With summer and outside sports season just around the corner, the new GATORZ Specter launch could not have come at a more perfect time!

I often get asked, “Amy, why do you have so many pairs of sunglasses to choose from? Isn’t that a bit excessive?” To which I answer, “if jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 30,000 feet or participating in the shooting sport of 3-Gun (which involves firing a rifle, shotgun, and pistol in action-packed sequence) sounds excessive, then I guess the answer is YES!”

The truth is, I like the excess. I like having different firearms to choose from; I like having a variety of holsters to choose from and this spills over into having a variety of other accessories to choose from, including sunglasses.

You see, my style changes quite frequently depending on what it is I am doing that day. Headed to the range and a bite to eat after? MILSPEC Magnums are what you can find me wearing. Hanging out with friends on the boat? I like the Wraptor for the wind and sun protection wrapped around my eyes. Casual day with friends? Deltas. Business meeting? I can count on the Starks to help me look styled, professional, and polished.

So, where do the Specters fall in line within the GATORZ family?

The Specter frame is the perfect blend of function meets fashion. With the full-protective element of a wrap style frame, but with the edged lines on the temple arm, the Specter is a great frame to add a tough, rugged look to any ensemble. Because it meets all ANSI Z87+ and MILSPEC Ballistic standards, I now have another option to throw in my bag when packing for a shooting competition, a firearms training class, or a day on the range covering training drills.  I would not have to pack separate sunglasses to grab a bite to eat after a long training day. The Specters are multifunctional and allows more room in my range bag for other things, like more ammo!

Gatorz Specter

The lens are impact tested to withstand two hits from a .15 caliber projectile between 700-725 feet per second without breaking or ejecting, are compliant with Ballistic Fragmentation Characteristics; and the ANSI and MILSPEC compliance markings are etched on the frame and lens. The lens are also coated with anti-fog, so you won’t have to worry about losing your sight picture to wipe off your lens on hot and humid days.

The Specter also features a large frame and lens, so it is perfect for those that prefer a larger lens look, or for those who may have a wider head.

As a firearms instructor and outdoor enthusiast, I am thrilled to be able to add the Specter frames to my Gatorz lineup. The Specters now occupy a permanent place in my range bag, but I may be adding some different colors (the Specter is available in black, gunmetal, green, and tan) to let my students try them out while training too!