The Ammo Can Case is Obviously the Best Way to Store Your GATORZ

If you’ve ever served in the infantry, chances are you’re familiar with the sensation of opening the lid on a case of ammo. There’s something satisfying about that case, right? The simple and effective metal carrying handle. The way the latch pops open. The neat way the rounds inside are stacked. 

When you’re downrange, it’s the little things that matter. 

That’s why we decided to model our sunglasses case with this kind of satisfaction in mind. Behold, the mini Ammo Can replica case

When we set out to create this, we wanted to replicate a legitimate steel ammo case in every way possible. We built it to the same standards and specifications as NATO ammo cans, and the only difference is it’s a scaled down version to perfectly store your sunglasses. Inside you’ll find a custom padded insert that securely holds any GATORZ frame. With your shades stowed in here, you can chuck the case down a flight of cement stairs and they won’t get a single scratch. (The case might get a dent or two, but hey, scars build character right?)

Most of us on the GATORZ staff grew up around ammunition. We’ve got fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and friends who served in the military, many of whom collected these containers and ultimately ended up repurposing them. We’re familiar with the sight of a garage stocked with ammo cans containing various odds and ends, things like screwdrivers and drill bits and electrical tape and whatnot. 

There’s a reason for this kind of multipurpose use: These cans last forever. “For me, my dad used them as tackle boxes, first aid boxes, and for storing other memorabilia,” recalls Larry Butler, Head of Gatorz Design and R&D. 

That’s why when we set out to design this case, we wanted to approach it with the same level of care and support as the frames we build for our customers. We wanted it to have the signature level of durable performance you can expect from GATORZ, but we also wanted to deliver a nice package that presents its content the way it deserves. 

Larry put it best: “You wouldn’t take an expensive diamond ring and keep it wrapped up in toilet paper and stored in a cardboard box, but rather in an ornate high-end jewelry box. The toughest, most badass performance eyewear on the planet deserves to be housed in the toughest, most badass case as well.” 

We’ve outfitted the lid with a water-tight gasket that securely seals when closed, protecting the contents from moisture and air, and making the Ammo Can an excellent choice for journeys into the outdoors. The hinged lid has a single latch at one end—with a little stenciled GATORZ logo, which we thought was a nice touch—that closes shut with a satisfying snap. If you so desire, you can unhinge the lid on the other end as well, removing the lid entirely. And for the finishing touch, we treated it with a rust-inhibiting paint, which guarantees you a lifetime of reliable service. 

This case is tough, novel, useful, and cool—just like every single frame we make here at GATORZ. Instead of just leaving your shades on a table by the front door or haphazardly tossed on a desk, house them safely and secure in a case that’s worthy of the GATORZ name.